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I met up with Leslie ([livejournal.com profile] glowing_dragon) at Langara Station - she had a balcony mat, which she'd just bought for the park outing. We went to Douglas Park to meet Jon, Harmony, and Ayler. This was after we went to Dragon Ball to pick up bubble tea. Jon paid me back for his order of something fruity (mango) - half sugar - coconut jelly for Harmony, and something adventurous (red bean and longan) - half sugar - pearls for himself. Leslie didn't have cash, so I paid... I also got taro, and she got a pudding. Mr. Dragon Ball was still there!

Jon, Harmony, Leslie, and I talked about baby Ayler, parenthood, the bright yellow color of my shirt, Leslie's Canucks shirt, their grandma and her eye not being quite open, Steph, Lisa, the puppy, life updates, construction, Nathan, Desmond, and more. When I held the baby, Ayler started crying! Their friends Edwin and Jane showed up with baby Rebecca, and both babies started fussing and crying when they looked at each other! Talked about their friends' Brian and Amy's wedding next week, Amy finding the ring before the proposal, Norman, Sean, children's concerts (one was in the background!), and more. Leslie and I left earlier than they did because of the sun and a bit of hunger. We talked about Kingspark Seafood House, but she wanted to see if we could find that Italian Tomato place which her friend Eliza recommended to her months ago. As it turned out, we did - but not after some creative driving and turns of phrase! No, she didn't mind if I swear! I probably shouldn't do that in front of her, but she assures me that she says worse when alone, hahaha.

Discussed her grandma, pasta, my cousins not being babies anymore, pizza, mushrooms, chicken, spicy Italian sausage, shrimp, life, chilling, Price Smart, sports, the Blue Jays, BEYOND BELIEF, curses, paying her back if she paid by debit, my friends getting married and having kids, the lockout possibility, and more. She didn't mind if I stopped by Price Smart briefly to see if I could find stuff for my grandma! I didn't find the stuff, but still opted to chill for a bit back at Leslie's place. Conversed about new books, Uganda and Gay Pride, CRACKED articles, cash, Halloween and Christmas stuff in stores already, the guestbook, and more. I left an hour later at 10:30 - good times before my mom's family friends get into town, and I have to drive them everywhere! I'm sure I'll talk to her soon - we always do!
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I called Leslie at about 6:40, and said I'd be at her place at 7, but got stuck in traffic and was there at 7:25. She just let me in when I buzzed without bothering to verify who it was, haha. AFTER THREE LONG MONTHS, WE HAVE BEEN REUNITED! Catching up, Vegas bling necklaces / postcards / maps (Nevada) / T-shirt / playing cards, wedding photos, Vegas pictures, baby Ayler photos, dinner, chilling, and more were definitely on the agenda! Discussed Facebook, TSN, Edwin Encarnacion, baseball, the Blue Jays winning 11-9 over the Indians, the BC Lions losing 23-20 to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Puckheads group (she added me at my own request!), Carol / Stuart, racism, and reminders. Conversed about my wanting to know ALL THE DETAILS (she didn't mind!), Marissa / Caleb / Connor, James (who showed good timing by saying hi on YM just as we were discussing him :P), fans, water / apple juice, Vegas hotels, Jon / Harmony / Ayler (I gotta see the baby before he loses his cuteness!), TV programs, FINAL FANTASY, COMMAND AND CONQUER, her new large extended family thanks to Harmony and all of Lisa's cousins, Lucas / Liam / Ruth / Sandy / Mike, and dinner options.

We talked about Tokyo Joe's (sushi good if there's a large group only - not for two people), Denny's, Italian Tomato (which Eliza told her about), Korean BBQ (she wasn't REALLY HUNGRY!), closing hours NOT posted on websites (?!), NOT White Spot, and other things. Finally, she had to call Italian Tomato to find out that they closed at 10. Since it would probably take forever to find Bridgeport after 9:10, I figured that we might as well go to ABC Family Restaurants next to Yaohan. Sounded fine to her! I had a quesadilla with a garden salad, and she had a chicken pot pie with a garden salad. Talked about grandmas, expensive electronics, iPads, iPhones, plasma TVs, Steve Nash going to the Lakers (not with the Phoenix Suns anymore - A CONTENDER INSTEAD!), T&T, prices, Price Smart, IQ Tester games, Nathan and Ciel, busyness, seeing the baby, changing opinions, a BOBBY LOU burger in Burnaby, and more.

I was fine with going to Price Smart briefly: the 30-count of bottled water was on sale for $4! Since that was what she was going to get anyway, that was even more incentive! She lugged it around the store in a wheeled cart while we checked out the magazines and Asian section. Decided to get some purple yam / taro ice cream while we were there - of COURSE it was fine if she took that on the way out since I had to help with the bottled water! I stopped in briefly to grab my stuff while putting down the bottled water in the kitchen, and she convinced me to sign the guestbook even if it would be abbreviated. YAY! I HOPE IT'S NOT THREE MONTHS BETWEEN HANGOUTS AGAIN!
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Had a good time last night with Leslie ([livejournal.com profile] glowing_dragon) at the Mad Greek restaurant. After she gave me some Canucks stickers that she got at Walmart when she went with her friend Vanessa, we were outta here after I saw Steph and Lisa's wedding invitation! Unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble finding parking; we should have just walked since it was nearby, but it was okay in the end since she had made reservations earlier. I had the chicken souvlaki, and she had the roast lamb. (her water had ice, but mine did not)

We discussed family dynamics, travel preferences, saying grace / praying, pregnancy, perspective, prenatal classes, our parents, Christianity / the Bible / that book I borrowed from her after MissionsFest, my cousin having a kid now, stages of life, the church and the 2012 Mayan calendar, doctors, medicine, future hangouts (maybe at a game sometime), the President's Trophy, her parents' reaction to THE ANNOUNCEMENT, Jon / Harmony (impending parenthood) / Lisa / Steph, our health issues, Las Vegas, and Caesar's Palace. Also talked about Teunis ending a friendship, white Eric, the Red Wings winning 21 games in a row, Facebook / Twitter, Chapters, the playoff seeding, the Canucks / the Bruins / last year's playoffs, rice, potatoes, ouzo, nieces / nephews / tomboys / bonding, Nathan coming back in April (and Ciel), and more. Then we attempted to go to Chapters so I could see if they had a book about last year's playoff run, but it was closing by the time we got to the plaza!

After that, we just went back to her place. Almost as soon as she took the computer off "sleep mode" while I was in the bathroom, she got a YM message from her friend James, who accepted her apology for the previous night. I came out and saw the screen name, so of course she had to explain about his best friend Kim and her idea of a great name! (DUDE, GET A LESS EMBARRASSING SCREEN NAME!) I signed the guestbook, and wondered whether white Eric was secretly pissed off at her since a bunch of his friends seemed to end friendships with her for no reason at all. She didn't know, but that's a nice conspiracy theory! We watched a bunch of funny videos on CRACKED, and looked at some hilarious lists on the site - we could see the Valentine's theme, for sure. She also found THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS for white Eric's Sunday School since she was reminded of it during dinner. It was fun times, for sure!

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Feb. 8th, 2012 02:03 pm
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Wow... it's been a long time! I've hung out with Leslie a number of times - we agree that time spent together is a treasure! We've watched Canucks hockey games at her place, and even went to MissionsFest recently. It was a good time just hanging around the exhibit booths (and seeing Jon / white Eric / Jeremy briefly) and having excellent discussions at Pho later. Of course I didn't mind carrying the heavy bottled water from Shoppers Drug Mart... yay for good friends! She sent me an email wanting to chill at her place for Valentine's Day - I should be okay for that, even though I've been busy lately. I'll confirm on Sunday or Monday, for sure. TRADITION!
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Spent time with Leslie ([livejournal.com profile] glowing_dragon) yesterday at her place: we watched the Canucks WIN 7-4 over the Washington Capitals, and had Pizza Hut. She didn't mind paying for half of it if I had to get gas on the way over, of course! We talked about friends, that asshole Paul, Jon / Harmony, God, Nathan, the movie about J. Edgar Hoover, personal stuff, CRACKED, weird things, and more. Thank goodness I was more healthy, haha!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LESLIE! [livejournal.com profile] glowing_dragon is a good friend, and time spent with her is to be treasured! ;)
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I went out tonight to celebrate my GOOD FRIEND Leslie's birthday at Kalamata Greek Taverna! She returned my 4GB stick to me, which reminds me that I need to find that soup bowl of hers because I've had it since January. We talked about a lot of stuff with Jeremy, Mark, Dylan, a pregnant Deb, Chrystal, Harmony, and Nathan! After the Greek food, I insisted on treating the birthday girl to Dragon Ball... then we went back to her place and read about the "27 Club" and other things before I had to go. Good times, though!
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Got to talk to Leslie about stuff the other day and right now - yay for possible plans, including the Night Market and the PNE! Of course, this all depends on my health and energy!

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Hey, it's my birthday today! I was out with my dad, then I had a family dinner. Mom told me that Leslie tried calling me, so I tried calling her back. Since I didn't get an answer, I resorted to MSN - that's quite better! Yay for good days! Maybe my health will improve so I can make it out on Thursday to Nathan's movie thingy, haha.
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I decided to give Leslie ([livejournal.com profile] glowing_dragon) and everyone else a surprise on Thursday for Nathan's Chinese movie discussion night! You see, I knew she'd be there at Jeremy's for the food and movie... I think she liked the surprise! She probably wanted to hug me, but didn't for some reason - it would have been fine! Christon, Jon, Harmony, and others caught up with me - I also told Cindy to say hi to her sister Dianne for me. Of COURSE I was a gentleman during this occasion - I'm sure Leslie appreciated it! She tried telling me about Teunis, but Jon (as he's entitled to because he's her brother) told her that maybe it was her. I think she and I will have to get together when my health permits, man! It was good seeing everyone - perhaps I can do something for my birthday (on the 15th) if I'm feeling well enough. Of course I'll drop Leslie a message on MSN if that's the case!
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I hung out with Leslie, Nathan, Jeremy, and Citrus recently at my place. We watched the Canucks lose Game 4 to the Chicago Blackhawks (7-2?!), and wondered if the refs were being paid to overlook certain big penalties which should have been called! Then I drove Leslie home - we stopped at Subway - and I met her friend / housemate Teunis ([livejournal.com profile] winterlion), who gave me some cool info on her laptop and Windows 7 not being genuine. He gave me some info about a product key, which is universal. I'm also recovering from surgery!
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Yo! I went to MissionsFest last week with Leslie - it was good seeing white Eric and Christon, but I'm going to bug Jon and Harmony about skipping out to go to a (probably non-Christian) play, hahaha! Too bad I didn't feel well since we kinda had to not eat dinner because of the parking situation, and because the organizers moved things up an hour! (who DOES that?!) Good thing white Eric could take my good friend home! Yes, I still have her bowl - she called me yesterday to remind me! If she keeps me posted about INTERESTING stuff, then I will definitely go! Too bad Jon doesn't seem to be doing anything on a group scale with SERVANTS!
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I hung out with Leslie the other night - we had pizza and ravioli and lasagna from Pizza Factory (YUMMY WEB!), Coke, water, and more while discussing the Leafs wasting the Thrashers 9-3, the Canucks-Oilers game, MissionsFest, and much more! It was good to be at her house again! Too bad I got sick and had to leave early... :(
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I finally got to hang out with Leslie and Nathan last night; we discussed Fay, Gena, other girlfriends, insight, Nathan's new girlfriend, Leslie's messed-up ex, Des, love / relationships, psychology, drawings, and lots more! We had pizza, chips, and pop while watching the Canucks win 4-1 against the Leafs! Then Minnesota beat Calgary 3-1. GOOD TIMES, with more to come tonight because we're going to Leslie's parents' place to watch LESLIE NIELSEN movies! I've seen them like 20 times, man!

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I escaped from the Dungeon of Happy Raisin!

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I salvaged a Heatherfooian artefact, a Joe-Biden model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Modernbodecia, a Cuntpuffinian raygun, an ECONOMICS-20 plasma rifle, Templa Draug's commbadge, an FOUROHHFOUR-190 phaser, a Leaporleporian raygun, and 228 galacticredits.

Score: 458

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I couldn't find myself in here!

[had 75HP in this one, thanks to a medibot I fought when I had no weapons or armor on me! :D]

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